Monday, March 23, 2009

street henna

street henna, originally uploaded by tonapple.

Photo note:

"@ Khan market, New Delhi, India"

Street Style

Street Style, originally uploaded by indangel.

Beautiful. I love the black gathered dress, simple form. Shoes: nice touch with the yellow flats. Black leather bag.

Photographer's note:

"Street Style From Delhi INDIA"

Mela Boy

Mela Boy, originally uploaded by NEFATRON.

Wow-- love the photo!

Street Artist

Street Artist, originally uploaded by cloud1one.

Great photo - brings back memories of our trip there in 2006.

The photographer says:

"May 5th, 2007, Vienna, Austria. It's the "Europe Day" in EU countries. A modern-art-style street artist is performing among the crowed people celebrating the Stadtfest (city festival) ."

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Japanese-german cosplay

Japanese-german cosplay, originally uploaded by manganite.

Photo note:

"The main story behind this pictures is not the existence of japanese style german cosplayers. Anime, manga and all this things are so popular that it is no wonder that there are cosplayers here in Germany.

The point is a little bit more subtle. The pictures at the wall in the background... At the last weekend we went the first time to this japanese style restaurant and saw the pictures there. And then we were completely astonished when we noticed that some of them were taken by us!

So, the owner of the restaurant or someone else has seen the pictures here on flickr, liked them, downloaded and printed them! It was really fascinating for us to see them, most of them the first time as large scale prints... Strange things could happen by chance :)

You can see this also here: "

Windsor Symphony Fashion Show

Not quite on-the-street, but I love the look.

Photo note:

Windsor Symphony
Orchestra Volunteers
Association Fashion Show

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

He-Man Kilt 1

He-Man Kilt 1, originally uploaded by joshuaellingson.

Photo note:

Custom Masters of the Universe Kilt, 2008
My friend Mike is a big fan of kilts. He commisions all his art friends to make original artwork on his various Utili-Kilts. Mike, his wife Miriam, and a I share an inside joke about Battlecat and a love for Masters of the Universe. So, when it came time to do a kilt painting, I knew it was going to be He-Man related.

Custom overlaid leather plaid kilt

Cool - I like it~

Photo note:

Cusom leather kilt with over 500 pieces of leather sewn together to make the palid in this garment. Produced for stage for IML

The Airship Combat Kilt

The Airship Combat Kilt, originally uploaded by alt_kilt.

This photo is great!!!

Here are the photographer's notes,

"An exclusive custom made special edition kilt for the band Abney Park. This kilt is available in three colors: Oxidation orange(as shown), Ship Timber brown and Oil leak black. It features rotary style pocket clasps, brass rivets and buttons, side cargo pockets and back pockets. It is a steal of a deal at only $150 and available only on their website:"

Miss Bunny Bustle Kilt

Miss Bunny Bustle Kilt, originally uploaded by miss-bunny.

Okay, this is way too cool. I love it!

Photo note:

See profile for details on my work:

Vintage upcycled kilt.
Moth holes and all ;)

"Designed and handmade by Miss Bunny© all rights reserved. Not to be copied in any form without my consent."

Street Style with kilt

cam-gigandet-kilt-07v, originally uploaded by randysk6969.

Photographer's note:

"Twilight's Cam Gigandet sports a kilt, tights and leather boots while shopping in Beverly Hills"

«Strasbourg attitudes», style de rue - Street Style

Nice! Great bright red tartan kilts, black tees, black leather boots.

Style in Scotland - Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2007

Photo notes:

"...going topless in the Scottish summer is always risky but here are a brave pair in tasteful kilts (if somewhat short - not the full 8 yards) and Jesus Sandals on the High Street...actually there a re 3 and a half pairs of Jesus Sandals on show - who says Edinburgh is unfashionable?"


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