Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Tattoos in Sheffield

Starry legs, originally uploaded by evissa.

Tartan, tats, and striped shoes...

Photo note:

Starry legs

These legs haven't seen any sunshine for a while. Seen at the Sheffield Chinese New Year parade

Redhead - Glebe street fair

Redhead - Glebe street fair, originally uploaded by xssat.


Short black print dress, black nylons, black cowboy boots, big print bag, and red hair...

Visit the photographer's site:

Waiting to go to Flemington

Waiting to go to Flemington, originally uploaded by brappy♥.

Love it!!! Wow~

Photo note:

Melbourne Cup Day

All-Weather Zebra Boots

All-Weather Zebra Boots, originally uploaded by Kent Johnson.

A close-up...

Street Fashion Sydney

Kilts 'n' Love-Bites IN!, originally uploaded by Kent Johnson.

Just not seeing enough kilts lately! This is good, right down to the zebra boots. Cheers!

Street Fashion Sydney

Bikes In :~)), originally uploaded by Kent Johnson.

I like this look:
Skinny black jeans, black leather jacket, black hat, red Converse.

Tonkï Fashion

Tonkï Fashion, originally uploaded by Kent Johnson.

Here's a great image from Sydney

Australia Street Fashions

Street Fashions, originally uploaded by PDPhotography.

Photo note:

Melbourne is a very stylish city, and the core of the city is where the fashion-conscious go to shot, see and be seen.

Uploaded by PDPhotography on 20 Apr 08, 5.38AM PST.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Fun outfit

2007-01-13a, originally uploaded by galadarling.

Photo note:

Daily Outfit, 13th January 2007.

! Long woolen cardigan from Ricochet
! Olive green tunic-style dress (also from Ricochet)
! Patterned stockings
! Platform New Rock boots
! Pink silk scarf around my neck
! Black off-cut piece of cotton on my head

This is a strange outfit for me. I felt like a stylish digital spy or something. The tunic dress is amazing, I love it, but I barely ever wear it. I think because the weight of it is unusual — it’s usually not warm enough in winter but too heavy in summer. Today was one of those disturbingly seasonless days which seem to be occuring more often… so it seemed like a good time to wear it. Usually I wear it with a white shirt underneath — or at least, I used to when I worked in an office — though it looks good over a knit top too. The detailing on the shoulders is beautiful.

The black cotton on my head basically exists to cover my shocking, shocking regrowth. It’s a coarse solution but it works. I haven’t had my roots touched up since AUGUST last year. Amazing. This piece of fabric has done a lot for me over the years! I think I cut up a t-shirt one time & that is all that remains. It was my first experiment with wearing a scarf (or at least a makeshift scarf) on my head, & it kicked off my love affair… I have a whole drawer full, but some I love more than others! Head scarves are indispensable — they’re a great way to add colour to your outfit or disguise a bad hair day.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas greeting card - 1920s style

Happy Holidays!

Photographer's note:

1/2 cards created for a school assignment. The objectives was to design one 1920s styled christmas greeting card and one "freestyled" card.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Dog_street fashion london winter

Who says dogs can't be fashionable on the streets, too?

Golden Hana Tabi Boots

Golden Hana Tabi Boots, originally uploaded by tokyomade.

Love these, too~


Golden Hana Tabi Boots

Traditional Japanese tabi boots given a stunning make over.

This dazzling pair of hand created traditional navy blue, mid calf Tabi toe boots have been given authentic Wa treatment by Honmonoya.
Available @ tokyomade

Silver Fern Tabi Boots

Silver Fern Tabi Boots, originally uploaded by tokyomade.

Photo note:

Silver Fern Tabi Boots

Traditional Japanese tabi boots with a wa style, edgy street make over.

This gorgeous pair of hand created traditional navy blue, mid calf Tabi toe boots have been given authentic Wa treatment by Honmonoya.
Available @ tokyomade

Beijing winter street "fashion"

Love it! Especially the polar bear hat and mitten combo.

London street fashion autumn

London street fashion autumn, originally uploaded by andreikino.

I love this photo, the amber tones, the subject. Gorgeous!

London street fashion winter

London street fashion winter, originally uploaded by andreikino.

Wonderful plaid knee length coat, short heel black pumps, red glasses

Winter Fashion

Photo note:

Winter Fashion

The Winter fashion in Nanning seems to be a short skirt, thick stockings, and boots. Nanning's winter has been very mild this year.

Fashionable Ski Wear

Fashion Show..., originally uploaded by Megan Cole.

Ski fashion

Ski fashion, originally uploaded by Mike from Zurich.

Suited up in color for the slopes, or half pipe...


Flamingo, originally uploaded by Lorena Cupcake.

I love this for the great colors. Here's the photo note:


I nerded it up with some Flickr acquaintances at Gallery Hop in eye-scorching pink and teal.

The teal ribbed tank is from Joann's Fabrics, once I get it stretched and shrunk and washed to my liking I am going to stencil something on in metallic blue. Any ideas?

The feather clips in my hair and on my purse are also from the craft store.

The hot pink wiggle skirt is remixed, and so are the legwarmers.

The purse is from Sanrio, and the old platform boots are Blue Asphalt.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Street Style Austria

Photographer's note:

Marlies (17, hairdresser)
"My style always depends on my mood. I like floral materials. I try to look sweet. I also try to stand out."

Claudia (23, hairdesser)
"I like to be different. Fairies and fairy tales inspire me a lot. It's very important to express yourself!"

the french girl @ the Museum Quartier

The hat is fab. Nice look all around.

Tan jeans, black fitted tank top with cream flower, cream wide-brimmed hat with flower adornment, black low spike heeled open toe sandals.

Street Style Vienna

seen on the street [16], originally uploaded by dollinthebigcity.

I am intrigued by the tights--black lace with an intricate pattern. The gladiator lace-up boots are interesting, too, and I'd love to see them closer up.

Vienna Street Style

Vienna Street Style, originally uploaded by iketaka.

This is fabulous--I have to say. Magnificent coat, tailored in true Viennese fashion. I myself am the lucky owner of such a coat, (though all in charcoal grey), tailored in Vienna. It was my grandfather's, before they came here.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Shiny, shiny

Shiny, shiny, originally uploaded by toiletrollart.

I'm liking these shiny tights...

Photographer's note:

Shiny, shiny

Street style, somewhere south of Shinjuku, Tokyo

Tights similar to those made by American Apparel

That hair...

That hair..., originally uploaded by agentdeclan.

Great photo~

China Street Style

SH04, originally uploaded by Street Expressions.

Photographer's note:

Shanghai - China - 01 May Holiday- stylish fashionable people there

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

High School Street Style

High School Street Style, originally uploaded by TheeErin.

Photo note:

High School Street Style

Keep cool fool, like a fish in the pool
That's the golden rule at the Hipster school - Harry the Hipster Gibson

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Street Style in the Snow

, originally uploaded by loou.

Photo note:

tears of snow.

tiger t-skirt: bona drag
feather clip: bona drag
suspender skirt: gina tricot
tights: gina tricot
boots: bianco
handbag: pink opium

Thursday, December 4, 2008


D&G safety belt girl !!!, originally uploaded by pit van meeffe.

Great Dolce & Gabana look

Chinese Street Style

chain, originally uploaded by GraemeNicol.

Photographer's note:


Chinese street style.
And for a more direct and less aestheticised portrait of the same guy taken at almost exactly the same time by someone else, look HERE

(To see the other view, simply click on the photo and go to flickr)

Style While You Wait

braids, originally uploaded by photobento.

Something to think about on your travels: getting your hair styled and/or cut in the city you are visiting.


Photographer's note:

getting a new hairstyle for cheap on khao san road in bangkok

Hair Style Japan

Hair style, originally uploaded by Taipei Moon.

Great hair style seen in Japan. Big and blond--this style makes a statement!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Street Style New York

_1010002.jpg, originally uploaded by pipercarter.

Norway Style

Lars-Petter, originally uploaded by some nordic-based guy.

Photographer's note:


I'm currently preparing a set of male street fashion photos from Göteborg for the first issue of BUCK, a new UK men's style magazine. You can check their website out here. The first issue hits the stands at the end of October. In addition to finding it in the UK, you should also be able to find it in New York, Paris, Milan and Tokyo.

This is Lars-Petter. He was visiting Göteborg from Norway for the weekend, and was here for the shopping. Of which there is much that can be done.

Red Shoes

Antagonism, originally uploaded by Claudette Lubezki.

Love this:

Striking striped tights, red ballet flats...


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