Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Look, Kate's shoes match that really awesome car

I couldn't resist when I saw the photo~

Photographer's note:

"Look, Kate's shoes match that really awesome car

Let's take a photo to remember this moment."


Hello Fall!

Hello Fall!, originally uploaded by anja louise verdugo.

Photo note:

"A very early-fall inspired outfit from Friday. The weather in Portland is really perfect right now, and I just did my first fall activity- canning pears!

Silk blouse: thrifted
Belt: thrifted
Wool vest: thrifted
Fox pin: Atlantic Treefox
40's purse: House of Vintage
Jeans: J Crew toothpick (my perfect jeans- found them on ebay in my size for cheaper than retail! lucky!)
Shoes: ebay, some weird brand"

My note:

Portland has some great little shops! I was just there visiting in November, and loved 23rd street.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Scarves: Trends and Styles

Scarves get my vote for best accessory ever. There is a scarf for any temperature or environment. They magically pull together even the most boring dead-of-winter so-uninspired outfit. They can cover your head if you are stuck in inclement weather, or stuck next to someone obnoxious and/or unnerving on an airplane and wish to appear asleep. But enough of my extolling the virtues of this magic article of clothing: here are a few awesome scarf trends and styles.

Trend #1: Oversized Scarf. Awesome, if done right (see picture). Less awesome, and more bag-lady-esque when done wrong.

Photo Credit:

Trend #2: Prints (esp. those that fall into the "ethnic" category)


Style #3: The Snood. Best thing ever for those who don't like hats and happen to be caught in the rain. Can be Dr. Seuss-y, but that's very rarely a bad thing.


Check back again for a post on how to wear different styles of scarves, and what to wear them with!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Blue Twilight Converse

Okay - what a kick!

Twilight Converse - hand painted?

Twilight Shoes

Twilight Shoes, originally uploaded by ❀ℓєтιzια❀.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Kiss on Italian Rolling Stone Cover

True Love's Kiss

True Love's Kiss, originally uploaded by Duy's Photo Shoots.

I was just looking up photos of the band KISS, and found this gorgeous shot by Annie Leibovitz, whose work I love.

Here is the note that goes with the photo:

"This is the second part of the Sleeping Beauty portrait by Annie Leibovitz.

The first photo is David Beckham portraying Prince Phillip attacking the evil Maleficent.

This photo is Zac Efron portraying the Prince kissing the beautiful porcelain Princess Aurora. And she awakes.

This is part of the Disney Dream Portraits taken by Annie Leibovitz, and the first for the What Will You Celebrate? Promo while the others are for Year of a Million Dreams

labeled: "Where True Love can be Celebrated"

Notice how the costumes closely resembles the ones from the film. And the bed also. And how the roses surround her."

KISS Style - 35 Year anniversary!

KISS just played Key Arena last night in Seattle. Wish I could have gone!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Custom Bride Sugar Skull Tattoo by Mikey Slater

Feather Eyelash

241 of 365, originally uploaded by Panda Cat Baby ★.

Photo note:


it's been a busy day of cleaning and such but i did get a break and was able to do a quickie set of photos with simple electric eel eye shadow and carbon...i also watched Day of the Dead and i think for now i'm on a break from scary least for tonight :D

oh and i want to thank Dawn who inspired me to try some crazy gorgeous lashes from her beautiful photos, she's the awesome of awesome ♥"

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Governess and firenze skirt and purse

Photo note:

"Poplin shirt and Firenzze and black satin skirt. Firenzze satin bag/purse

Model: Leticia
Make up:
Pictures and photoshop by me.
Special thanks to "El club de la ropa" c/Ballesta, 4 Madrid.

Info: penelope_almendros_garcia(at)
Texture by playingwithbrushes."

Leather Steampunk Top Hat

Leather Steampunk Top Hat, originally uploaded by Tom Banwell.

This is fabulous!

The photographer has this to say:

"My first attempt at a steampunk top hat."

Well done!

steampunk lolita?

steampunk lolita?, originally uploaded by Queen of Fantasy.

Photo note:


I was trying to go for a steampunk look with this one... I'm not sure if I managed to! Actually, there's a lot which should be improved, which I will the next time I wear something like this. Mainly pulling my skirt straight so it's symmetric and pulling my sleeve downwards...

Blouse: vintage
corset: second hand, I do not know
Skirt: handmade
socks: hand made
boots: dr martens
necklace: from vatican city, gift from my sister
Bracelet: gift from a friend
pocket watch (the chain on my skirt.. I made a special pocket for edward): gift from my parents"

Steampunk Storm

Steampunk Storm, originally uploaded by Ms.Antiorder.

Photo note:

'Model: Merrick Monroe []
Makeup / Hair: Antiorder Allure [me]
Styling: Antiorder & Merrick Monroe
Locket & Leather Skirt: Gasoline Glamour [website]
Photography by Kenneth Benjamin Reed of Vorpal Images, photos copyright 2007.

Featuring my photo-famous NewRock boots... a must-have steampunk staple. ^.^

Lighting info:
AB400 shooting into an umbrella directly in front model (slightly behind and to the right of camera]."

steampunk outfit

steampunk_9622.jpg, originally uploaded by spudcheyne.

Photo note:

'models: Jesse Atomic & Amy Wagner

I've been dying to do a Steampunk-inspired shoot for a long while.

The most difficult part of this series was designing the outfits. But that's the beauty of Steampunk: there's no right or wrong way. Personally I would have loved to have more brass accessories, but I'm still thoroughly pleased with the way they turned out.

Amy and Jesse have amazing skin art, so I wanted to feature it. I cut the sleeve off a lacy shirt I've been saving for a shoot such as this. It was a worthy sacrifice, it'd be a shame to cover up all that beautiful ink.

And hey, notice the goggles I bought from Portland?

Other unique vintage oddities are:
jeweler magnifying lenses and turn-of-the-century spectacles (worn by Amy), and a antique director's viewfinder.

Strobist info:
Canon 580EX II @ 1/4 into white brolly, camera right
Quantaray 500WA @ 1/4, camera left"

Bumblebee Costume - Halloween 2008

Love this one!

Transformers Costume, Transformers, Halloween Costume, Bumblebee Costume

Halloween costume

Halloween costume, originally uploaded by capella_7009.

Photo note:

"My Halloween costume... Regine Chassagne from Arcade Fire.

#274 in Explore for November 3, 2007.

Costume inspiration:

Doctor Who and a Dalek Costumes

Doctor Who and a Dalek, originally uploaded by jambot.

More great costume ideas

Kira Halloween Costume!

Photo note:


Kira Halloween Costume!


I dressed as Kira the Gelfling this Halloween. All of the costume, including the Fizgig puppet was created by me! :D

I ended up winning the costume contest at my college LOL yay!


Nightmare Before Christmas Halloween Costumes

It's that time!

Photo note:

"Jack and Sally from the Nightmare Before Christmas Halloween Costumes Inspired by Tim Burton

~Jesse Draper Photography Copyright 2008

This is the most time I've ever spent making a Halloween costume ever.
After all these years, I still love to watch the Nightmare Before Christmas.
Haven't seen it in 3D yet. Maybe next Halloween.
Taken with a timer and softbox.
Feel free to post this picture on other sites, provided you provide a link back here

Happy Halloween!"

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

reconstructed hoodie

reconstructed hoodie, originally uploaded by crazycurlygirl.

Photo note:

1 ill fitting tshirt
about 1 yard of stretchy tshirt knit fabric
1 favorite hoodie to draft a pattern from

I love it. I plan to make tons more. My fall wardrobe will consist of nothing but hoodies that were formerly tshirts. :)"

Thursday, September 10, 2009


Henna, originally uploaded by Pål Skeggs.

Photo note:

"A girl with a henna tattoo, in Yemen."

Henna tattoo sandiego (28)

Very pretty - Check out the website for more designs. Beautifully done!

Henna tattoo artist in San Diego

Henna Tattoo

Henna Tattoo, originally uploaded by Samer Farha.

Photo note:

"This lady was walking around the fair with a henna tattoo on her very pregnant belly. It was very cool, so I asked if she minded if I took a picture, and she was kind enough to let me."

Nepal - Kathmandu - Henna tattoos

These are quite beautiful~

Photo note:

"Henna tattoos for a friends wedding in Kathmandu, Nepal

© D.Godliman"

Henna Tattoo San Diego (27)

I'm becoming a fan of the henna tattoo. It is temporary, yet, if done well, it can last a few weeks.

Photo note and link:

"Henna tattoo artist in San Diego"

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Pierced, originally uploaded by Aaron Dieppa.

I love the quality of this photo. Beautifully done.

Nose piercing, and two lip piercings.

Photo note:

"A girl in Santa Barbara."

Elaine Davidson-worlds most pierced lady

Wow- I'm speechless.

Photo note:

"Apparently on her 6005th piercing......a super friendly lady who's well up for a spraff and a pic!."

Okay, having recovered my speech, this is just amazing. I have six piercings, and that's about it. I *might* get one more.

Corset piercing, all laced up

Corset piercing, all laced up, originally uploaded by E1f.

I almost like the unlaced one better. . . although I think it looks good either way.

Corset piercing, stunning without the ribbons too.

Photo note:

"When I get this done - I will share the picture"

Tragus Piercing 12 hours Later

Tragus Piercing 12 hours Later, originally uploaded by ahwareham.

Some interesting info and common sense advice re. piercings.

Photo note:

"A little bit of swelling and a tiny bit of blood when I took the saline compress off, but no pain, really. The only time it hurt so far was when I answered my phone with the wrong ear (and at the same time dropped a strawberry with the other hand, causing me to slam the phone into my ear...). If you didn't know, the latest suggestion for cleaning your piercing is not to use anything anti-bacterial. I've gotten piercings through the time of cleaning with rubbing alcohol, watered down bactine (that's what Claires still uses, I think...epic fail, Claires), bacitracin (to keep the piercing moist so it heals quicker) and now, the all-natural saline solution. It's the same stuff you use in a neti pot, if anyone out there cleans your nose. The idea is that you want to clean with water, but your skin rejects water (if you've never noticed, water beads on your skin rather than soaking in. If it soaked in you'd become hugely bloated every time you showered and you would die of dehydration because your body would not be able to process water.) What saline solution (1/4 tsp sea salt, 1 cup water) does is changes the pH of the water so your skin accepts, rather than rejects, the water. In this way the water can slip through your piercing and clean it without triggering any rejection processes. This helps keep the area from infection, jewelry rejection, and other trauma more than regular water would. Cool, right?"

The Airship Combat Kilt

The Airship Combat Kilt, originally uploaded by alt_kilt.

Photo note:

"An exclusive custom made special edition kilt for the band Abney Park. This kilt is available in three colors: Oxidation orange(as shown), Ship Timber brown and Oil leak black. It features rotary style pocket clasps, brass rivets and buttons, side cargo pockets and back pockets. It is a steal of a deal at only $150 and available only on their website:


2007-07-24, originally uploaded by galadarling.

Photo note:

/ * Green bindi on forehead
* Grey v-neck t-shirt (from Portmans, new)
* Oversized ‘New York’ t-shirt (new)
* Long black skirt (new) — so happy about this, I have been dying for more long black skirts! This one makes me feel like a whirling dervish!
* Black sunglasses (from Portmans, new) — to replace the ones I SAT ON & broke :< * Hat from Mimco * Betsey Johnson ‘DARLING’ earring * Tarina Tarantino ring

Henna Tattoo

Henna Tattoo, originally uploaded by Peace Lvr.

Ooh, pretty tattoo!

Photo note:

"I love the looks and smell of Henna. It's like having Chai Tea stained into your skin."

Bumbershoot Henna Tattoos

Bumbershoot Henna Tattoos, originally uploaded by chrisjen5.

Letting the henna dry. Applied thick, these last awhile.

Photo note:

"Luck vs. Biohazard?"

Smiling Buddha tattoo

Smiling Buddha, originally uploaded by dotloveshellokitty.

Gotten at Bumbershoot, this is a great Buddha tattoo. I can see the Seattle Center fountain in the background. . .

A henna tattoo

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Black Eyed Peas Get A Digital Makeover

Since I saw the Black Eyed Peas yesterday at Bumbershoot, I couldn't resist this image I found:

Photo note:

"Check out the brand new promo pics for the Black Eyed Peas, in support of their upcoming album "The E.N.D". They look so digital don't they?"

Black Eyed Peas - Bumbershoot 2009

Fergie and onstage at Bumbershoot~

Yesterday we went to Bumbershoot, which lived up to it's rightful name - rain for the first time in about 5 or 6 years, or so I'm told. Nothing an Australian hat and a raincoat wouldn't cure.

Was able to see the Black Eyed Peas during the day, and enjoyed them quite a lot.

Bumbershoot 2007 - Joss Stone 01

Bumbershoot 2007 - Joss Stone 01, originally uploaded by TheQ!.

Okay, so this wasn't this year, but I liked the photo, and the "look."

Photo note:

""Joss Stone exploded onto the music scene in 2003 with the release of her multi-platinum album Soul Sessions. Still only 20 years old, Stone has already sold more than 7.5 million albums and garnered four Grammy nominations. Her electrifying mix of vintage soul and '70s-style R&B has earned her opening spots for acts including The Rolling Stones and the late James Brown. Stone's latest album, Introducing Joss Stone features collaborations with Common and Lauryn Hill and debuted at Number Two on the U.S. Billboard Top 200 list."

Monday, August 24, 2009

Style in Bucharest

Picture 054, originally uploaded by bombarolo.

Photo note:

"Ferragamo sunglasses, Pimkie blouse, Benneton skirt, Fendi bag, DEA shoes. Bucharest."

Monday, August 10, 2009

Leo's plugs

Leo's plugs, originally uploaded by tattooindiana.

Photo note:

"1 1/2" lacewood eyelets with ambonya burl and ebony inlays"

Olivewood and myrtlewood

Olivewood and myrtlewood, originally uploaded by tattooindiana.

Okay, these are pretty cool. I love the wood.

Photo note:

"1 5/8" olivewood plugs with myrtlewood inlays"


Tragus, originally uploaded by tattooindiana.

Photo note:

"Healed tragus
14g 5/16" titanium barbell with big 4mm CZ"

Twisted industrial

Twisted industrial, originally uploaded by tattooindiana.

Photo note:

"14 gauge industrial piercing with a twist."

Industrial piercing

Industrial piercing, originally uploaded by infected mushrooms.

Great photo~

Photographer's note:

"An industrial piercing, sometimes called scaffold piercing (UK) or construction piercing, is any two pierced holes connected with a single straight piece of jewelry (compare to orbital piercing); however, it typically refers to a double perforation of the upper ear cartilage specifically. Two piercings are made, one fairly close to the head (anti-helix piercing) the second further down the cartilage, on the opposite side of the ear (helix piercing). A straight barbell is inserted through the first piercing from behind the ear, travels diagonally across the front of the upper cartilage, then goes through the second piercing, and is secured with a screw-on bead behind the second hole.
The piercings themselves are made with a medium gauge hollow piercing needle, and the barbell jewelry is worn during the healing period. Sometimes, a pair of captive bead rings (CBRs) are used instead, and are exchanged for a barbell after healing is complete. Although the use of CBRs often results in faster healing, proper alignment of the piercings is difficult when this technique is used. It can be pierced with a flexible plastic tube and swapped for the metal bar when its healed. Healing typically takes between three months to one year.
Two or more of this type of piercing located on the same ear is typically referred to as an ear cage."


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