Friday, November 27, 2009

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Blue Twilight Converse

Okay - what a kick!

Twilight Converse - hand painted?

Twilight Shoes

Twilight Shoes, originally uploaded by ❀ℓєтιzια❀.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Kiss on Italian Rolling Stone Cover

True Love's Kiss

True Love's Kiss, originally uploaded by Duy's Photo Shoots.

I was just looking up photos of the band KISS, and found this gorgeous shot by Annie Leibovitz, whose work I love.

Here is the note that goes with the photo:

"This is the second part of the Sleeping Beauty portrait by Annie Leibovitz.

The first photo is David Beckham portraying Prince Phillip attacking the evil Maleficent.

This photo is Zac Efron portraying the Prince kissing the beautiful porcelain Princess Aurora. And she awakes.

This is part of the Disney Dream Portraits taken by Annie Leibovitz, and the first for the What Will You Celebrate? Promo while the others are for Year of a Million Dreams

labeled: "Where True Love can be Celebrated"

Notice how the costumes closely resembles the ones from the film. And the bed also. And how the roses surround her."

KISS Style - 35 Year anniversary!

KISS just played Key Arena last night in Seattle. Wish I could have gone!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Custom Bride Sugar Skull Tattoo by Mikey Slater

Feather Eyelash

241 of 365, originally uploaded by Panda Cat Baby ★.

Photo note:


it's been a busy day of cleaning and such but i did get a break and was able to do a quickie set of photos with simple electric eel eye shadow and carbon...i also watched Day of the Dead and i think for now i'm on a break from scary least for tonight :D

oh and i want to thank Dawn who inspired me to try some crazy gorgeous lashes from her beautiful photos, she's the awesome of awesome ♥"


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