Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Tattoo Artist Ralf

Tattoo Artist Ralf, originally uploaded by _MissAgentCooper.
And one more:

"Tattoo Convention Vaduz 2010

His homepage:"

Seriously, check out this site.  The tattoo art galleries are amazing, and this guy is really good.  

My "To Do" List: Yay for functional tattoos!

Photo note:

"Tattooed by the awesome and wonderful Lelia at The Needle's Kiss in Townsville ( on 18/5/2010 as an anniversary gift from Rob (because I'd been talking about having it done for 2 years)."

10 and a half hours in.

10 and a half hours in., originally uploaded by Amber Dawn.
Photo note:

"Coming along nicely. One more session for some additional white flower highlights and detail, filling in some more leaves, and whispy background effects. See the first five hours here -

I uploaded it huge, so check out the large and original sizes if you want to see all the insane details in it.

Work by James Kern at Optic Nerve Arts."

1st Tattoo Show in Singapore

1st Tattoo Show in Singapore, originally uploaded by williamcho.

This is amazing!

Photo note:

"The 1st Singapore Tattoo Show brings together the international practitioners, tradesmen and enthusiasts of tattoo art in a 3-day show to be held for the first time in Singapore. Enjoy!"


Focusing on art tattoos right now. This one is beautifully done.

Photographer's note:

"I treated myself to a new tattoo on Halloween :-)"

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Monday, September 6, 2010

Steampunk Fett in Utilikilt

Steampunk Fett in Utilikilt, originally uploaded by utilikilts.

Another great use for Utilikilts! Love this photo~

Utilikilt on the Isle of Man

Utilikilt on the Isle of Man, originally uploaded by utilikilts.

Just got back from Bumbershoot (Seattle) where Utilikilts were sold. Also be sure to visit their shop in Pioneer Square~


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