Friday, January 30, 2009

pink+black+goth+lolita milkshake

I love this one!!!

Photographer Lorena Cupcake says:

"one scoop Demonia creepers and Hello Kitty bag, a squirt of hot pink skirt and feather fascinator, Leg Avenue OTKs, with very decora Hello Kitty hairties sprinkled on top."

Grand Merchantile Antiques, High Street

A riot of pattern seen in a black and white almost zebra print dress with black trim and black and white polka dot pumps. Nice contrast with the shock of red hair--love this! Also like the black print men's vest with black shorts, black belt and sunglasses, black shoes. Tattoo accents. Nice.

Photographer's note:

"They had some crazy sale and while everything was still out of my budget, I enjoyed the free refreshments and this couple's outfit."

Tartan Style

tartan, originally uploaded by Lorena Cupcake.

Photo note:

"The plaid jumper was $4 from Ohio Thrift.

Retrocat Vintage has a tin of jumbled belts where I found this $2 belt off a dress I've never seen.

I was, yet again, caught without a scarf when I bought the $7 red cashmere scarf I'm using as a shrug.

The red patent shoes are Hot Kiss, and the purse was from a garage sale."

St. Tropez – Accessories

More great shoes:

Thin strap high-heel sandals, spike heel, with butterfly accent at the ankle.


street,style, originally uploaded by CFY.

Great boots! Brown suede, with a high heel, side zipper, and lacing at the top back...

elegantly worn

elegantly worn, originally uploaded by max_thinks_sees.

Love the photo, love the look~

Photographer's note:

"so much in a foot, in a shoe, that stylish strip of leather lending elegance to hidden toes....."


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Blue Tattoo

Blue Tattoo, originally uploaded by

Photo note:

CITY : Tokyo
LOCATION : Harajuku
OCCUPATION : Graphic Designer
AGE : 27

Tattoo - NA - JPY 25,000

I thought this tattoo was really cool and different from any other tattoo I saw before. The person wearing it is a graphic designer and designed the tattoo herself. I found her on Cat Street in Harajuku.

The tattoo tales of 'Inkheart's' makeup designer(Los Angeles Times)

Not quite "on the street," but definitely interesting. Will probably see the movie today~

Photo note:

The tattoo tales of 'Inkheart's' makeup designer(Los Angeles Times)

Jenny Shircore has an uncanny ability to make people's faces read like books. On the set of director Iain Softley's new fantasy adventure "Inkheart," Shircore created hundreds of intricately lettered facial tattoos to signify that certain characters in the film had been brought to life from the pages of works of literature.
Born in India during the days of the British Raj to an Armenian father and a French mother, Shircore moved to England at the age of 10. As a child, she loved doing her friends' hair, so she went to study at the London College of Fashion. "My first thought was to travel, and ... Read more...(Los Angeles Times)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

michelle narcisco

michelle narcisco, originally uploaded by hudson_jeans.

Love this photo of our First Couple~ Great style.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Stylish First Couple--photos from Inauguration Day

First lady Michelle Obama, left, and President Barack Obama ...U.S. first lady Michelle Obama walks onstage at the Biden Home ...President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle walk the Inaugural ...Vice President Joe Biden holds hands with his wife Jill as they ...U.S. President Barack Obama dances as guests and first lady ...US President Barack Obama walks with his wife Michelle as they ...First Lady Michelle Obama's earrings worn to the Kids Inaugural ...First Lady Michelle Obama's earrings worn to the Inaugural Concert. ...President Barack Obama talks with first lady Michelle Obama ...U.S. Vice President Joe Biden and his wife Jill point as they ...U.S. Vice President Joe Biden (R) points to some faces in the ...

Aretha's hat

rockin' Obama

rockin' Obama, originally uploaded by philliefan99.

Photographer's note:

"Rockin' Obama

Obama souvenir t-shirt, AC/DC style, at a Political Americana store near you (if you're in DC)."

Obama Wear

Obama Wear, originally uploaded by gdanny.

Michelle Dons Gold for Barack's Big Day(ABC News)

Michelle Dons Gold for Barack's Big Day(ABC News)

Michelle Obama is wearing a sparkling gold sheath dress with matching coat by Cuban-born American designer Isabel Toledo on the day of her husband's inauguration as president.
Barack Obama is wearing a red tie and white shirt with his suit.
Toledo, who just a few years ago unsuccessfully tried to infuse more modern style into the venerable Anne Klein label, is considered among the more avant-garde U.S. designers.
Michelle Obama has been noted for choosing unexpected fashion designers, including ... Read more...(ABC News)

Uploaded by MashGet on 20 Jan 09, 9.29AM PST.

Dressed to watch the inauguration.

Would love to have been there~

Inaugural Togs

Just a few photos of what the newly sworn in families wore this morning:

Michelle Obama wore green J. Crew gloves with her gold dress from lesser-known designer Isabel Toledo.
Sasha, left, and Malia Obama, center, wore J. Crew coats as they stand with their mother Michelle (in gold) and Jill Biden.


Fashionable first family shines on inauguration day

First lady's choice seen as boost for lesser-known designers


Jan. 20, 2009, 1:42PM

WASHINGTON — First lady Michelle Obama wore a sparkling yellow-gold sheath dress with matching coat by Cuban-born American designer Isabel Toledo for the inauguration of her husband, a choice many applauded as a cheerful message of hope and a vote for the American fashion industry.

She paired the embellished ensemble with green gloves from J. Crew and green shoes.

President Barack Obama wore a red tie and white shirt with his suit, topped with an overcoat adorned with an American flag pin.

Their daughters were style icons in their own right, with 10-year-old Malia in a double-breasted periwinkle-blue coat with a blue-ribbon bow at the waist, and Sasha, 7, in a pink coat with orange scarf and satin belt, a coral-colored dress peeking out at the hem. Their coats were from Crewcuts by J. Crew.

The fashion industry has anxiously looked to the election of Obama for months, embracing his wife as an emblem and ambassador of modern American style. She has won praise for her penchant for lesser-known designers and bold fashion choices, mixed with her unabashed love for mass fashion from mainstream American retailers.

"She is single-handedly breathing new life into designers like Narciso Rodriguez and Isabel Toledo, who have had a rocky past," said red-carpet and editorial stylist Mary Alice Stephenson.

"What's so powerful about Michelle Obama is we all see ourselves in her. She's a modern woman who is fashionable and even flamboyant in her style and she is still taken seriously," she said. "She's wearing that dress today for all of us. We're all wearing that dress with her. The dress is elegant, appropriate and has the individual style stamp of Michelle Obama and is timely for a woman in her 40s — and she wears embellishment during the day. Hallelujah!"

Nicole Phelps, executive editor of, notes that Michelle Obama has found an elegant silhouette that works for her: the narrow sheath dress and complementary coat.

The inaugural outfit is a "classic choice — rather conservative compared to some of the things she's worn so far," Phelps said, but she still gives her fashion wink with her gloves and colored pumps. The gold, she adds, captures the glistening sun.

"This choice sends a great message to the fashion community. She could have gone with someone more obvious, like Ralph Lauren, but this sends a message to the American designers who are struggling. ... It also says that just because she's in the White House, she'll support the under-the-radar designers she wore on the way to the White House," Phelps said.

Designer Toledo, who just a few years ago unsuccessfully tried to infuse more modern style into the venerable Anne Klein label, is considered among the more avant garde U.S. designers.

Michelle Obama has been noted for choosing unexpected fashion designers, including Narciso Rodriguez, Zero + Maria Cornejo and Chicago designer Maria Pinto. For the "Kids Inaugural" concert on Monday, Michelle Obama wore a J.Crew ensemble, including a metallic lace top, aqua-colored pencil skirt and cardigan.

The Obama' look Tuesday contrasted with that of the outgoing Bushes, with Laura Bush in a dove-gray skirt suit and matching coat.

On the podium with the Obamas, Vice President Joe Biden wore a bright blue tie, while his wife, Jill Biden, had on a bright red coat and high black leather boots.

Also catching style-watchers' eyes: Aretha Franklin singing to the immense crowd gathered at the Capitol in an over-the-top hat with an oversized bow and beading.

Michelle Obama & Dr. Jill Biden

Michelle Obama & Dr. Jill Biden, originally uploaded by nègFoto.

Great photo--Michelle in her Isabel Toledo dress, and JIll Biden in a gorgeous red coat. (Need to find the designer for the coat.)

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Double Peace

Double Peace, originally uploaded by Starfires.

Love the hair!

The photographer notes:

"Dressed as Die (on the left) and Toshiya, from Dir en Grey."

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Street Fashion - SF - Castro - Badlands

Another great image from Jasper Gregory:

Butch Yoga

Butch Yoga, originally uploaded by Jasper Gregory.

I like the look, and the photo. Here's what the photographer had to say:

Butch Yoga for more gender and fashion blogging

I am so happy with the bicycle shorts and tights combo. It is very strange. I have been doing this combo with different colors all over town and it does not elicit any trans phobia that i am aware of. It is much less controversial than the tights and hotpants combo. even though it is more body hugging. I think it conveys the semiotic of guy shorts, even though it might as well be body paint. I feel sexy and I get a lot of attention from both queer and straight girls as well as no hate from straight men. In a way, I feel I have achieved the kind of sexy gender ambiguity that I originally aimed for.

Love the pants

Love the pants, originally uploaded by yoshiboshi.

Photographer's note:

Love the pants

I absolutely LOVE the playing card motif on the pants. Oh, and the whole arm warmer/leg warmers on the lolita who is sitting down.

I know such fashions would be unusual in Canada but I really love it. I can see myself bringing stuff like this back to Canada, just for the heck of it. :)

I love how Japanese fashion is so flexible. I hate how North American fashion seems to focus on what's "cool", and conformity. :\

street fashion in Camdentown

street fasion in Camdentown, originally uploaded by allegraisme.

Couldn't resist--

Bright salmon pink, red and white print dress, Hot pink hair, little grey cardigan, pink and white tablecloth print hi-tops... Wow!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Harajuku Cowboys

Harajuku Cowboys, originally uploaded by Pink Sushi.

Wow--great art shot!


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