Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Butch Yoga

Butch Yoga, originally uploaded by Jasper Gregory.

I like the look, and the photo. Here's what the photographer had to say:

Butch Yoga

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I am so happy with the bicycle shorts and tights combo. It is very strange. I have been doing this combo with different colors all over town and it does not elicit any trans phobia that i am aware of. It is much less controversial than the tights and hotpants combo. even though it is more body hugging. I think it conveys the semiotic of guy shorts, even though it might as well be body paint. I feel sexy and I get a lot of attention from both queer and straight girls as well as no hate from straight men. In a way, I feel I have achieved the kind of sexy gender ambiguity that I originally aimed for.

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