Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Halo Halloween!

Halo Halloween!, originally uploaded by boboniaa.

I love this photo~


* 2tone neon tee dress 'ProjectEdit'
* neon lime scraf from Siam Sqaure
* black long knit cardigan 'Giodano'
* oversize orange tote 'Perfect Combination'
* new sparkle silver ballet shoes 'Farfalla'
* lego neon stripes watch 'LEGO' from chinatown thrift market

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Toronto Zombie Walk 2008-6436

Photographer's note:

"I love the "Nurse" stockings and the gas mask looked great when it was on. Three distinct Zombie styles."

Animal Fair Halloween Costume Party

I love it when dogs get into the Halloween action.

Photo note:

"A contestant walks the stage with her dog during the 9th Annual Animal Fair Magazine's Halloween Pet Costume Party on October 26, 2009. Credit: Damon Dahlen, AOL


Pierrotte Halloween Costume

This is a beautiful costume and photo. Here's the note, and a link to the blog:

"For Halloween I wanted a costume that people wore in the past before the packaged costumes that are consumed by masses today. After a little research I came upon the Pierrotte, a sad clown that was used as a stock character of mime and Commedia dell'Arte. I saw pictures of this clown everywhere - it was the hippie costume of its time! My location in this picture, the Exorcist Steps in Georgetown, D.C.

Dress: vintage 60's
Black Belt: no idea
Hat: handmade
Black Mary Jane Heels: Style & Co."

Lady Gaga inspired Halloween costume 2008

Photo note:

"I decided to be Lady Gaga for Halloween in 2008, cause I had just fallen in love with her stuff a few months before, and couldn't help it. I didn't have $ to make the costume, so I just used whatever I already had. Hope some ppl like it."

Looks good to me~

LEGO Zombie halloween costume

Fraser K made a life-size version of my LEGO zombie artwork for his Halloween costume! Nice!

Kira Halloween Costume!

Love this one - it turned out really well. Nice job!

Photo note and link:


I dressed as Kira the Gelfling this Halloween. All of the costume, including the Fizgig puppet was created by me! :D

I ended up winning the costume contest at my college LOL yay!"

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Kayla's getaway : fish stockings and Doc Martins

This could be an ad for Docs - Love it!

Tutu, fishnets, Doc Martins

Hair dressing in the street

Hair dressing in the street, originally uploaded by ALP-Lyon.
Fantastic shot, great street style~

Photo note and links:

Quick links : Portraits - Live music - Photo-manipulations - Various

a piercing drive

a piercing drive, originally uploaded by Dan Sievert.

Great photo!

Photo note:

"i was fascinated. asked him for a photo,
at first he was reluctant but in the end he agreed
after I gave him my contact details.

thanks a lot dude, hope you like the shot!"

Facial piercing

Cap with Stars on It :-) ( Snakebites Snakebite lip piercing new era cap emo hair scene, 4g tunnel stretch piercing )

Great look!

Photo note:

snakebite piercing
lip piercing
black hair
straight hair
New era cap

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Vivienne Westwood V&A Exhibition

More fashion by Vivienne Westwood.

Photo note:

"Vivienne Westwood V&A Exhibition"

Vivienne Westwood V&A Exhibition

Not exactly street style, but I love the dress. And the color is fantastic.

Three Straps III - Vivienne Westwood

Vivienne Westwood Anglomania + Melissa Three Straps III - vermelho-cranber

Salmon colored low heeled shoes, three buckle straps.

Vivienne Westwood Active Restistance Latitude July 2009

Vivienne Westwood reading fom her manifesto Active Resistance

Vivienne Westwood

Vivienne Westwood, originally uploaded by Northampton Museum.

Pair of women's brown leather and crocodile leather Rocking Horse golf shoes. Crocodile leather covering toe, heel and tongue. Four pairs of eyelets, front lace fastening. Large fringed tongue extending over laces and vamp, attached to shoe by brown lace. Pale pink sock stamped in gold: Vivienne Westwood, London. Thick natural wood sole, cut away at heel to form right angle. Size 8.


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