Monday, December 7, 2009

Scarves: Trends and Styles

Scarves get my vote for best accessory ever. There is a scarf for any temperature or environment. They magically pull together even the most boring dead-of-winter so-uninspired outfit. They can cover your head if you are stuck in inclement weather, or stuck next to someone obnoxious and/or unnerving on an airplane and wish to appear asleep. But enough of my extolling the virtues of this magic article of clothing: here are a few awesome scarf trends and styles.

Trend #1: Oversized Scarf. Awesome, if done right (see picture). Less awesome, and more bag-lady-esque when done wrong.

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Trend #2: Prints (esp. those that fall into the "ethnic" category)


Style #3: The Snood. Best thing ever for those who don't like hats and happen to be caught in the rain. Can be Dr. Seuss-y, but that's very rarely a bad thing.


Check back again for a post on how to wear different styles of scarves, and what to wear them with!

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Salmon Bear said...

Excellent- I look forward to seeing more!


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