Wednesday, October 14, 2009

steampunk outfit

steampunk_9622.jpg, originally uploaded by spudcheyne.

Photo note:

'models: Jesse Atomic & Amy Wagner

I've been dying to do a Steampunk-inspired shoot for a long while.

The most difficult part of this series was designing the outfits. But that's the beauty of Steampunk: there's no right or wrong way. Personally I would have loved to have more brass accessories, but I'm still thoroughly pleased with the way they turned out.

Amy and Jesse have amazing skin art, so I wanted to feature it. I cut the sleeve off a lacy shirt I've been saving for a shoot such as this. It was a worthy sacrifice, it'd be a shame to cover up all that beautiful ink.

And hey, notice the goggles I bought from Portland?

Other unique vintage oddities are:
jeweler magnifying lenses and turn-of-the-century spectacles (worn by Amy), and a antique director's viewfinder.

Strobist info:
Canon 580EX II @ 1/4 into white brolly, camera right
Quantaray 500WA @ 1/4, camera left"

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