Thursday, February 18, 2010

Lindsey Vonn's Vail Photo Shoot

Lindsey style - beautiful~

Photo note:

"Lindsey's photo shoot in her hometown of Vail, CO.
Photo by Jack Affleck, Vail Resorts."

Oakley Event 2010

Oakley Event 2010, originally uploaded by mariskar.

Shaun White dons a pair of Oakley shades

Oakley Event 2010

Oakley Event 2010, originally uploaded by mariskar.

Holt Renfrew window display

Holt Renfrew window display, originally uploaded by plasticgator.

Fashion at the Olympics, Vancouver 2010

Oakley Event 2010

Oakley Event 2010, originally uploaded by mariskar.

Winter white parkas and boots

Canada's Olympic Hockey Team?

Canada's Olympic Hockey Team?, originally uploaded by Harry2010.

Photo note:

"The 2010 olympic hockey team makes a fashion statement at Holt Renfrew on Granville St."


SHAUN WHITE, originally uploaded by mardzy11-KG.

Love this photo -

Photo note:

"obozavam snowboard-ing(za to su krivi moji drugari..HVALA IM VELIKO) a Shaun White je olimpijski prvak u half pajp disciplini......CAR"

Shaun White

Shaun White, originally uploaded by naden.

Photo note:

"Olympic Gold Medalist -"

Lindsey Vonn Pep Rally in Minneapolis

Vibrant! Lindsey Vonn, Womens' Downhill gold medal winner.

Photo note:

"Lindsey Vonn Pep Rally in Minneapolis

Lindsey is cheered on by some of her young fans at a pep rally in Minneapolis on 10/2/09.
Photo by Jack Affleck, Vail Resorts"

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tuesday Tattoo - Mobius

Mobius Tattoo, originally uploaded by Spacemanbobby.

Photo note:

""A twist in the fabric of space where time becomes a loop"

This is the Mobius Tattoo. A scientific calculation that can be used in Astrophysics to describe a closed system if gravity is strong enough to bend spacetime into a loop. Basically meaning that if you travel far enough, you will end up where you began without really knowing it.

This is my first Tattoo and it turned out great. This is on the inside of my Right Bicep. I will be adding another space or scientific tattoo to my other bicep next year. And yes... certain parts of the Tattoo process hurt like a son of a gun...Look at the note to where it hurt a lot. :)"

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

GRAFFITI . art and poetry necklaces

Photo note:

"Adorn yourself with poetry and art!

poetry and art necklaces

Vancouver artist Tanis Alexis Laird and Qu├ębec jewelers Guylaine & Isabelle Martineau have collaborated to create this limited edition signature series.

the poetry is .tomate d'├ępingles.
the art is Tanis Alexis

These beautifull necklaces are simply art that you wear!

Each art and poetry piece is set on precious metals, and carefully matched with vintage and recycled beads, crystals and various shiny baubles


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