Saturday, November 29, 2008

Great Bag!

October, 22, originally uploaded by anna-photo.

I love this look, and the photo is fabulous~

Photographer's notes:

"October, 22

I'm back...and today it's officially fall.
Rainy-windy-cold day!

Coat: Pinko
Green jeans: local store
Booties: Sugar
Bag: Scout
Brooch: H&M  "

Friday, November 28, 2008

Fashion from Korea

IMG_4752 copy, originally uploaded by feetmanseoul.

The photographer says:

"This is a Seoul street fashion/Korean "environmental portrait." This style conveys not just what people are wearing, but who they are and where they belong in the cultural landscape.

Visit our site for this and more kinds of Korean fashion at"

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

*Hmja* Girly T-Shirt @ Cyroline

Great look from Berlin.

Hair soft-dyed pink with clips, black print tee, and charcoal hoody with lighter grey floral print. Like it!

Monday, November 24, 2008

The Perfect Purse?

Found on Grafton Street....

I'm trying to remember the name of the store.  Love the adornment.  

= )

Sunday, November 23, 2008

More from Paris

seen on the street [63], originally uploaded by dollinthebigcity.

I love this. It brings to mind earlier times, and with a riot of color and pattern.

location: Paris
date: 10/14/08
photo source: Style Clicker


seen on the street [52]

seen on the street [52], originally uploaded by dollinthebigcity.

Great look from the Paris streets. For more info, check out:

photo source: Scott Schuman


Saturday, November 22, 2008

Current TV--Street Style Minneapolis

Love the white dress with the black polka dots...

Guaranteed Rugged and Funky

Guaranteed Rugged and Funky, originally uploaded by Zulu Rose.

I love this image--beautiful~

And love the prints on the t-shirts.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Harajuku girl

Harajuku girl, originally uploaded by Eric Flexyourhead.

In black velvet and red, with white lace accents--outstanding! Sort of Renaissance, outlandishly frilly...

Photo quote:

Mari got her to pose for me later, but this shot taken from the pedestrian bridge crossing the street near Harajuku Station without her noticing was just more natural. Harajuku, Tokyo. November 3, 2007.

Next generation

Next generation, originally uploaded by manganite.

I love this photo--such a riot of color, and wild style.

Polka-dotted dresses, striped knee-socks, Converse, pigtails...

Blue Fish Bone Jersey Tunic

Blue Fish Bone Jersey Tunic, originally uploaded by Zulu Rose.


Great blue jersey dress, fishbone patterning. Nice~

Street Poetry--Hanoi Rocks

Okay, so I couldn't resist!  I was looking up Street Poetry, for a poem to post here, and got this. 
It's all here--the street look, the big hair (or lack of it), leather, tight jeans, shades.  Love it~


hair, originally uploaded by so_ill_drink_some_more.

Great hair style to go with the Robin's Egg dress. Two braided pony tails looped and secured with bands.

Robin's Egg Dress

lace, originally uploaded by so_ill_drink_some_more.

This is a sweet dress in Robin's Egg blue. No sleeves, lacy pattern, button front, shirt collar. Pair with mid-calf brown boots.


outwear, originally uploaded by vitamininmotion.

Love this:

Photographer's note on the outfit:


Todays outwear. (sorry about the dark picture)

hat: Thrifted
scarf: Anna's (from Berlin)
jacket: Mum's old
pants: Cheap monday (on supersale!)¨
socks: H&M maybe...
shoes: Gift from mum

Style in Yoyogi Park

Miyu, originally uploaded by top5withabullet.

Great look from Tokyo~

Black lace-up bodice with gathers, ribbon, eyelet. Black studded belt.

HiStyley l Melrose Street Style #77

Another great image from HiStyley~

White v-neck tee, almost Escher-esque patterned over-shirt in shades of grey, black, and tan, skinny black jeans, black hat. Little black buckle flats, and tasteful foot tattoo peeking out.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Plastic Gladiator Shoes, Soho, London

These are truly amazing.

Tall black gladiator shoes

Designer's Shoes: Konny

Designer's Shoes: Konny, originally uploaded by sendung.

These lace-up boots look great, worn with black tights and just-above-the-knee skirt. Would love to see the rest of the outfit!

Hip Hop Look

Love this look--including the double row of loops around the waist. Perfect with a simple black t-shirt.

Note from the photographer:

SJ054-American HIP HOP design-RM119.90

* The waist assumes two types designs + colored line, full of American Hip Hop style
Slightly exudes yellow color washing + rule splicing
*Suit for man-160-168 cm /50-60kg wear size 30in
* Suit for man-167-175 cm /60-70kg wear size 32in

Monday, November 17, 2008

A slight Non-Sequitur

A slight Non-Sequitur, originally uploaded by DoF Punk.

A note from the photographer:

This was my try at a Martin Parr Shot... processed to the bollocks... Oooh yeah.

Cute style

rusting, originally uploaded by ♥chimidoro♫♪.

Photographer writes:


while beauty was in season

polkadot 60's babydoll dress: vintage, handmade
pink pinstriped blazer, rosy cheeks, vintage, thrifted & customised
hair accessory: kids section somewhere or other
white tights: river island 70 denier
gold wicker bag: primark
shoes: faux vw rocking horse

Uploaded by ♥chimidoro♫♪ on 5 Mar 08, 12.25AM PST.

And speaking of Doc Martens...

For a good Doc Martens fix--

If you're in Seattle visit Experience Shoes.  All sorts of great Docs.  My daughter and I tried on many pairs.  They also have TUK, and we ended getting some great boots.  Will photograph those soon to share here.

They've also got clothing, too.  
Experience Shoes Co.

Doc Martens in London

Doc Martens in London, originally uploaded by AK Foto.

Speaking of Doc... these are great.

Photographer says:

"Doc Martens in the window of the Doc Martens shop - Covent Garden, London"

These Doc Martens have the British flag on the toes. One white lace, one red.

Yellow Boots, Doc Style

, originally uploaded by red_eyed_cheza.

Fabulous yellow boots (Doc Martens?)
Black and white striped tights.

Street Style in Vilnius

Me on Laimikis! Meep!, originally uploaded by red_eyed_cheza.

Photo note from Flickr:
Me on Laimikis! Meep!

Laimikis is a Vilnius street style site/blog. Rarely you see there something spectacular [because it's Vilnius], but I support those guys who made that site, it's realy great to see your city's stylish people!

For more:

Black thigh-length coat, red tights, black socks, white mary janes. Multi-colored knit scarves, pink plaid accents.

Street Style, Barcelona

On the street in Barcelona--
I like Miguel and Rosa's look.  Great leather jackets accented with dark shades.
Also, check out the great colors of Adidas-- nice.
Tee shirts, trim jeans, long hair, ankle boots-- Hot.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sweet style

sit, originally uploaded by ♥chimidoro♫♪.

Sweet style~

Short blonde hair pulled back, tinted mint green.
Navy flower print dress with white collar, cuffs and hem.
White tights, little black shoes. Great look!

Photo by


Saturday, November 15, 2008

HiStyley l Melrose Street Style #83

I love this one. Black leather jacket, punk tee, skinny black jeans, snake print cowboy boots, captain's hat, and white and black leopard print accents. Very striking.

Photo from HiStyley

Friday, November 14, 2008

Current TV--Street Style Dubai

From Current TV--

Street Style Dubai

Finnish Style

This is one from HEL LOOKS-- an interesting site with a nice variety of styles.  Great inspiration!  Here are a couple of looks:

Hand-dyed jeans, jacket adorned with pins and patches of punk bands, black headscarf with white polka dots, black t-shirt, dirty white Converse... 

6 August 2008, Vanhan kirkon puisto
Vesa (23)
"I'm dressed up casually for my day off. My jeans are by Raf Simons, the jacket by Ralph Lauren, the shoes by Roberto Cavalli, the bag is second hand, the belt is a gift and the frames by 55DSL. 
Simplicity and inspire me now."

Both photos from Hel Looks

I Jusst LoOOoVE MY Converse

I Jusst LoOOoVE MY Converse, originally uploaded by Cherry Kisses.  

Great ideas for dressing up your cons--

black converse, hand-painted converse, modified converse

Tattoo pioeuvre 4

Tattoo pioeuvre 4, originally uploaded by Benoit.P (censuré).

Great photo of street art, and tattoos

Mel in Wonderland

Mel in Wonderland, originally uploaded by Honey Pie!.

I was just trying to wrap up my posts for the morning when I happened upon this:

Simply wonderful.

Dark colored Converse, striped tights, denim skirt, white blouse

Why Choose When You Can Have Both ?

One green shoe, one red. As I've said before, if you like two pairs of shoes, get them both, and pair them up.

Here's the photographer's note:

Why Choose When You Can Have Both ?

December 8th, 2007 - Paris, France

I was trudging along in the rain behind Notre-Dame on Saturday, trying to hide my frustration at the lack of real photo opportunities behind a feigned interest in gargoyles when the friend I was with, who as a general rule finds my obession with street photography unhealthy, not to say unethical, said to me in the most matter-of-fact way, "Did you see that woman we just passed ? She was wearing different coloured shoes - it would have made a great photograph."

I barely had time to glance around before the woman in question disappeared into the crowd behind me, but it was long enough to see that indeed the potential for a great shot was there.

I walked on, my frustration doubled, trying to work out whether my friend's remark was a coded encouragement, all the more welcome for being so unexpected, to indulge my passion for once. As lightheartedly as I could manage I repeated her words. "Yes, it would have made a great photograph."

No response.

We walked on further, as the rain became increasingly heavy. We stopped beneath the awning of a souvenir store and looked absentmindedly at postcards. The missed opportunity continued to eat away at me.

Eventually, I could contain myself no more. I turned to my friend. "I have to go and get a picture of her. Wait for me here," I blurted, turning to run before she could reply.

By the time I caught up with her, the woman with the unmatching shoes - a fashion statement, or an unwitting witness to her colour-blindness ? - was almost the other side of Notre-Dame. But I caught her, and I took several shots as discreetly as I could. This is the clearest one of her shoes. You can see the whole outfit here. Trust me, it's worth it.

Girls...and their shoes!

Girls...and their shoes!, originally uploaded by ::sämyii::.

Shoes in all colors and patterns:

pumps, platforms, flats, ballets

stars, stripes,brights

Street Fashion - SOMA - Jasper - red theme

Another one from Jasper:

Red and black rugged jacket, skinny black jeans, red and black Converse, black hat. Nice.

Outfit in Black and Red

STCZ9, originally uploaded by Street Expressions.

March 2008 - Street Fashion in Changzhou - China

Shopping Mall town center - Nandajie

Long hair style with big black hair band, black outfit with great red boots.

Street Fashion in Changzhou

SFCZ3, originally uploaded by Street Expressions.

Great hair:

Street Fashion Changzhou

Originally uploaded by Street Expressions
March 2008 - Street Fashion in Changzhou - China

Shopping Mall town center - Nandajie

Style for the guys:

leather jackets, jeans, heavy grey overcoat with big pockets, skinny print jeans, colorful Converse

Street fashion - Dolores park - ripped tights

Fashion in black and white:

diagonal striped deep vee tank top, black mini, ripped fishnets, sliver jewelry, loose updo.

Street Fashion - SF - waif in copper dress

Jasper Gregory has this to say about the photo:

She channels a sixties waif. This copper color is beautiful. She has three color blocks: hair, dress and black tights and shoes. I love the symmetry, I love the color, and her body language is completely endearing.

Visit my street fashion blog

Page from 1938 fashion catalogue

Okay, this is great. Just the other day I was dreaming about my Grandmother's dresses, how the styles from the 30's and 40's were, IMHO, so sublime, the lines flattering. Here's the quote that goes with the photo, uploaded by juffrouwjo:

* * * * *

page from 1938 fashion catalogue

I am scanning a complete 1938 Sears & Roebuck catalogue for research purposes.
And I will also be sharing the scans with other people interested in 1930's fashion.
It will take a while... nearly 1000 pages!
But so worth it, I wanted to share this picture, I couldnt wait for the whole project to finish ;)

* * * * *


spotted or striped!

I'm thinking this could be fun: Why just buy one pair of shoes you love? Buy two pair, and pair them up. Remember to switch so they wear evenly. Where to wear? Anywhere!


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

San Francisco Fashion Week

A great look for fall~

From the San Francisco Fashion Week show:

San Francisco Fashion Week™ Review

Strong Spring 2005 Show Puts SF on the Fashion Map

San Francisco/ September 2004/ Metrofashion - Colleen Quen headlined an eclectic mix of designers for the first official San Francisco Fashion Week™ produced by Mystery Girl Productions at the Palace of Fine Arts Theatre in San Francisco from August 26-29, including exquisite evening and opera ball gowns, couture bridal pieces, sophisticated city daywear and contemporary rock-inspired denims, lingerie and swimwear, and diverse student creations from Art Institute of California and Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising.

Three days of rousing fashion shows accompanied by a strong open retail area left a startling impression that the aspiring San Francisco fashion scene has arrived. As one assignment photographer noted, ".. oh yeah, that's next year!"

Looks good to me!


Street Fashion, Haight-Ashbury

This one was taken by my daughter in April 2008, somewhere on Haight Street.

Wherever we go we photograph street art, some of it quite well done.


Shop Window, Haight Street

Shop window, taken on a recent trip to San Francisco, in the Haight-Ashbury area.  

We loved it there--the shops are fabulous!


Moscow Style

Originally uploaded by katbootka
Great look here, too. Katbootka says this "was taken in moscow's center!"

Simple white, boatneck top, black tights and heels, black ribbed beret, and thigh-length black coat. What sets this off so nicely is the striking royal blue mini skirt with offset buttons.


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