Saturday, March 21, 2009

Japanese-german cosplay

Japanese-german cosplay, originally uploaded by manganite.

Photo note:

"The main story behind this pictures is not the existence of japanese style german cosplayers. Anime, manga and all this things are so popular that it is no wonder that there are cosplayers here in Germany.

The point is a little bit more subtle. The pictures at the wall in the background... At the last weekend we went the first time to this japanese style restaurant and saw the pictures there. And then we were completely astonished when we noticed that some of them were taken by us!

So, the owner of the restaurant or someone else has seen the pictures here on flickr, liked them, downloaded and printed them! It was really fascinating for us to see them, most of them the first time as large scale prints... Strange things could happen by chance :)

You can see this also here: "

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