Saturday, May 23, 2009

Red Venice Keens

Red Venice Keens, originally uploaded by anikarenina.

I love Keens, and have a couple pairs myself. I find them great for traveling in.

Here is the photographer's note:

"Yes, another new pair of Keens. These are replacing my old Birkenstock sandals and my old Keen sandals, and they're just perfect. My requirements for all-purpose summer shoes is that they must be breathable, waterproof, and have toe protection. I was interested in Tevas but they are all open-toe sandals, and I would undoubtedly bang up my poor stubby toes. I have long admired the Newport style of Keens, which look a lot like ghillies gone sporting, but my insteps are too high and I just can't wear them. The Venice style is stretchier and less restrictive on the instep, and the fit is great - I don't even need the zip cord ties at all.

So these are my new favorite summer shoes; I'm wearing them all of the time, everywhere. And the crazy thing? Keen made them smell good. They smell like vanilla, just like Ev's sheepskin slippers did when they were new. I don't know if it's the glue they use or what, but sweet-smelling shoes are really rather pleasant!"

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